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Netflix’s Real Problem

Netflix has a BIG problem. Not because it angered customers by doubling its price or even because it enraged them by attempting to spin off its DVD business. Netflix’s problem is that it fundamentally has little leverage with the studios. … Continue reading

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Why Obama Likes Silicon Valley More Than Tinseltown

President Obama had plenty of praise for Silicon Valley leaders last week during his visit, and none for Hollywood. Why? Because they’re actually creating new businesses and jobs up there, not just shoring up oligopolies. That would be the six studios, whose major goal is to ensure that they control product pipeline and distribution, and muscle out competitors. Continue reading

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More Studio Pain: Fewer Tax Credits?

Studios rely on tax incentives from more than 40 states (and other countries) to help cover the cost of production. Now the executives at big studios (and presumably indies) who take advantage of this so-called soft money are feverishly reworking their risk assessments to take into account the probability that some of that rebate money will dry up — a casualty of state governments trying to stay solvent themselves. Continue reading

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The Mixed-Up Recession

As global stocks skid today over fears of a U.S. recession increase, I’m noticing an interesting interrupt between companies and the people who work for them. Among our customers, companies are still investing in new technologies and marketing. But the individuals who … Continue reading

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