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TV in 2020: Best Guesses

So where will television be in 2020? I posed the question last week at a panel I led during NAB with execs from DreamWorks, Sony Electronics, Starz, Nielsen and  Technicolor. Of course, nobody really knows what TV will look like in two … Continue reading

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Why 100 Mil. Super Bowl Viewers Really Matters

The takeaways from this year’s Super Bowl: Live events, particularly sports, are going to continue to command huge ad premiums because they are the one relatively sure way to neutralize DVRs. And jf you create an ad people actually enjoy watching, they’ll actually watch it. Who knew? Continue reading

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Nets vs. Web Streamers

Putting aside the legal issue for a moment: do the two stream the networks’ broadcasts in toto? Because if they do, you could argue that the advertisers get more air play by getting the exposure. Continue reading

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