If Only the L.A. Times Had Rush Limbaugh…..

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

While the Conservative Talk Show Host Pulls in $400 Million from Clear Channel, the L.A.. Times Cuts Jobs and Pages

Here’s a sad juxtaposition.

The papers are full today of Rush Limbaugh’s new $400 million contract with Rush Limbaugh, which guarantees him a $50-million-a-year paycheck through 2016. And the Los Angeles Times – knifed once again by its erstwhile savior, Sam Zell — announced that it is cutting 250 jobs, including 150 newsroom staff.

It’s a sad commentary on what modern journalism could become. Limbaugh, who recently accused Michael J. Fox of faking his disabilities from Parkinson’s Disease, panders to the lowest common denominator among his radio listeners.  So does a big chunk of so-called news outlets in the blogosphere.

The moderate voices of traditional newspapers are ever more in danger of being silenced as publishers cut staff and pages to remain in business. It’s hard to imagine the L.A. Times continuing to grind out Pulitzers as its own voice is weakened by lower budgets.

It’s hard to blame publishers for trying to survive. But it’s a shame some of Limbaugh’s millions can’t be diverted to organs of expression actually worth hearing from.

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