IPTV Mea Culpa

When I used to interview job applicants, I’d ask them if they know what IPTV is.

"It’s television over IP,” they’d reply. "You know, Internet television."

"It is not," I’d snarl. "It’s the telcos getting into television. TV over phone lines. AT&T and Verizon, and those hundreds of rural telcos, too.”

Of  course, they’d never get the job.

Well, my reply would also get me the boot at any online video company.

Yes, IPTV is about those telcos taking on the cable and satellite companies. But it’s really about how video is becoming platform-independent. The video on your broadband will soon become the same video on your TV and your mobile phone.

That fact was made dramatically clear at last week’s IPTV World conference at NAB 2007 by the presence of a Revver executive on the opening panel, "Battle for Eyeballs”.

Revver, a user-generated video site, has a deal with Verizon to supply video to both its Fios IPTV and Vcast mobile services.

Its content also plays on Jack Black’s experimental Acceptable.tv TV show on VH1. Watchers get to vote on just how acceptable that content is via cellphones or the Internet.

How cool is that? Think that qualifies as IPTV?

Thinking of video is something that’s passively watched on a clunky TV is passe. It’s time for me to get with the program.

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