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Walt’s story in the Wall Street Journal (see my blog earlier today) is right across from one about Sprint’s CEO searching for a way out of its woes caused by annual subscribers canceling. Bad service aside (and I can personally vouch for that), Sprint’s most interesting prospects for luring new customers may be in new branded services for cable and IPTV companies.

Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and Advance/Newhouse are  quintupling to 40 metropolitan areas the wireless customers they service through leased space on Sprint’s network, according to BusinessWeek. Each service will have the respective cable company’s moniker on the screen and Sprint’s name on the phone.

Sprint’s already is the most enthusiastic endorser of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), hosting the likes of Virgin, Movida and Boost.

There was an AOL Time Warner, once upon a time. Maybe soon there will be a Time Warner Sprint.

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