Update: The Dubious Amp’d Reprieve

Amp’d Users Get Another Week of Spotty Service

Updating our post of days ago on the imminent demise of MVNO Amp’d. According to the latest iteration of its Q&A, Amp’d Mobile will “potentially” shut down on July 31 instead of the original July 24 date. It may be a long slow crawl to MVNO death, however. Our Amp’d Mobile phone was getting very spotty service, including a lot of dropped links to video and music downloads. Not that Amp’d was very good at this stuff to begin with. We have played with the youth-oriented wireless provider’s content for over a year now and performance and reliability were never its hallmarks.

According to Forbes, Amp’d is holding an auction on July 31, so it is possible another carrier would pick it up from disgruntled partner Verizon. We’re not sure how that would work, since all of the Amp’d service and software is BREW-based to accommodate the Verizon network, and none of the other major North American players runs a BREW platform.

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